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About usWe are a well-trusted, research-driven boutique policy, strategic transformation, and leadership advisory firm. We combine a strong global network with extensive local experience working and operating in GCC countries

We have a team of well-accomplished and well-trusted experts, policy-makers, practitioners, and business leaders. To deliver a full spectrum of solutions, we have established partnerships with reputable and specialized organizations, working as one integrated team.




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Our values and working style are in line with the needs and requirements of the local market. We are committed to building and maintaining trust and transparency, professionalism, using scientific and evidence-based research, and sharing and localizing knowledge

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Policy monitoring, evaluation, and review

Involves planning the design and implementation of the selected option along deliverables, timescales, resources, governance and teams.

Policy Issue identification & justification

Drawing from Vision 2030 and National Industrial strategy,  objectives and target industries & clusters, this phase is intended to develop a clear definition and understanding of the policy

Designing policy solutions & implementation plan

Involves measuring the results achieved by the policy in terms of impacts, outcomes and outputs. Monitoring involves continuous collecting, analysing and reporting on actual policy performance against what was planned or expected.

Developing & analyzing the policy Problem

Involves assembling and analysing the best available evidence to guide decision making.

Our Leadership Capability Building, and Public Affairs Arm

  • Future of Government Roundtables
  • Customized Learning Journeys & Counselling for Senior Officials
  • Leadership Development (Senior and Middle Management)
  • Young Government Leaders
  • Specialized Government Advanced Skills Master-Classes

Future–Ready Strategy & Policies for tackling complex challenges

Strategic Delivery Program and Initiatives

Benchmarking Government Design

Innovations in government – leveraging technology for creative solutions

Research and thought leadership – extracting value from data

  • GOv.insights is a unique 21st century advisory firm, leveraging technology to offer deep, tailored insights, based on a rapid speed and a unique pricing model.
  • GOv.insights helps governments and public sector organizations in designing impactful initiatives and policies that can address the needs of their citizens